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About Design Presentations, Ltd.

Design Presentations was founded in 1969 by William I. Spiegel. A graduate of the University of Illinois' school of Industrial Design, Spiegel was anxious to bring his experience in designing broadcast and production studios to a wider audience.

The introduction of projection television in the early 1970's provided the spring-board for Bill's entry into the home entertainment field. As the early Advent and Sony units gained popularity, design conscious clients began retaining the company to provide suitable cabinetry. Quite often, suitable cabinetry meant designing the entire room. By 1974, Spiegel had completed his first totally integrated audio/video system. Fifteen years later the concept would become the hottest "new" idea in home entertainment.

Over the years, Design Presentations' reputation for uncompromising quality grew, along with our client list. Besides hundreds of private clients nationwide, we have been privileged to serve some of the country's leading and most demanding corporate clients, including AT&T, RCA, J. Walter Thompson, Shure Brothers, Stewart-Warner, Prudential, and McDonalds Corporation. Through all of these projects, we have been guided by a single goal; to provide each and every client with the finest design and construction available.

For over 30 years Design Presentations Ltd. has been producing quality custom cabinetry for the professional audio/ video industry, for home theatre applications, and for upscale kitchens and baths.

Our in-depth experience allows us to work with clients in several ways:

We can offer design consultation on existing projects, helping clients solve design problems and get things back on track.

We can provide a complete design service from initial concept to working drawings and detailed 3-D simulations. Our clients can visualize their project exactly as it will be built.

We can provide complete project management, working with our client to ensure the project is exactly on spec and within budget.

This site and pages within are examples of some of our recent work. We invite you to Contact Us to discuss how your project can achieve a similar level of excellence.